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Case Studies - Partially open riser/cut string staircase where the treads over hand the string

REF: 11029-hussain

3D Model;

Notable Features:

Cut String Staircase:

"Standard construction" staircases have the treads and risers going into a groove (housing) within the string. "Cut string" staircases, the string is cut away, and the treads sit on top of the string.

300mm overhang:

One of the many variables of a cut string stair is how far past the string the treads & risers overhang. This staircase has a "tread overhang" of 300mm, creating a statement. This overhang means even though the staircase is only 608mm "width overall strings", the total width of the stair is 908mm (refer to plan view). The "riser overhang" is 0mm, meaning the riser is flush to the string.

44mm oak treads:

Due to the staircase having such a large "tread overhang", it's necessary to use thicker treads. As such, this staircase features 44mm oak treads.

Square riser bars:

A partial riser or bar must be used to meet the building regulations requirement that a 100mm square cannot pass through gaps. The customer requested a brushed square bar be used. As such, this was provided and fitted by putting square holes through the string behind the riser.

Glass guarding:

To make a statement, the customer used a glass wall to create the necessary guarding to satisfy building regulations. We did not supply this. However, this was achieved using two glass channels (top and bottom), these can be found various places online and made to measure pieces of toughened glass to go between.

Wall-mounted handrail:

The glass guarding looks impressive but provides nothing to grab onto if you slip. So, to meet building regulations, a wall handrail was provided on brackets to screw to the outside wall. This square handrail matches the handrail around the landing and finishes the stair off perfectly.

Pine Strings:

They were initially intended to be painted white. However, the client opted to stain them to blend in with the oak treads.

Shallow staircase:

The maximum pitch for domestic building regulations (in a house) is 42°. The majority of stairs we manufacture are to 42°. However, if you have the space and want a more pleasant staircase to walk up, it's possible to have the pitch shallower (less steep) than 42°. At only 39°, this staircase is significantly shallower (less steep) than the maximum allowable 42°, so although it will take up more space, it will be far nicer to walk up and look more aesthetically pleasing.


  • Strings - Pine (320x32mm)
  • Treads - White Oak (50mm) - 300mm overhang with a square tread
  • Risers - White Oak (22mm) 
  • Posts - White Oak, Square (90x90mm)
  • Handrail - White Oak, Square Profile (56x56mm)
  • Bottomrail - White Oak, Square Profile (56x56mm)



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REF: 11029-hussain

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