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Case Studies - Modern cut string staircase with embedded glass panels.

REF: 40824-pearson

3D Model;



This made-to-measure modern cut string staircase was manufactured by us with an embedded glass balustrade which sits into a groove in the treads and risers.

Modern Cut String:

Unlike a traditional cut string, where the ends of the risers are hidden by a decorative bracket, on a modern cut string stair, the risers are extended past the string to finish in line with the treads. This creates a “zig-zag” effect when viewed from the side.

Glass Embedded into treads & risers:

Normally embedded glass balustrade sits into a grooved bottomrail.

However, because there is no bottomrail on a cut string staircase, the glass sits into a groove on the treads and risers, the glass is specially ordered for each project.

Due to the length of the run on this staircase, the glass has been supplied in two pieces, we then designed each panel so that the join was in the middle of a tread.

Square Feature Treads:

Feature treads are optional, however, a normal rounded profile feature tread would not have suited all the square edges on this staircase, as such, we supplied square feature treads to better suit the design of the staircase.

The third riser was also extended down to the floor in order not to see the underside of the feature treads.

Exposed Back Stairs:

Normally the underside of the stairs is covered with plasterboard to hide the wedged construction which doesn’t look attractive. However, it’s possible to have stairs “exposed back” where the underside doesn’t need covering and looks attractive. Due to the width of this staircase, however, 44mm treads were required in order to provide adequate support.

Extra Large Posts (special order):

Due to the scale of this staircase, 140mm posts were used, we do not keep these in stock, however, they were ordered in as a special order.

We don’t generally recommend such large posts, the largest post we normally recommend is 115mm and we keep these in stock.

The posts are finished off this a special order “shadow cap”.

Extra Large Handrail & Bottomrail:

At the customer's request, we ordered in extra large handrail as a special order, again this isn’t something we keep in stock but was requested due to the size of the posts.


Staircase Construction:
- Staircase Type;
Cut String - Modern
- Tread Profile; No Overhang - Square Profile

Stair Materials:
- Stringer Material;
Oak (32mm)
- Tread Material; Oak (44mm)
- Riser Material; Oak (44mm)

- Post Style;
Square (140mm) (special order)
- Post Material; Oak

Post Caps:
- Post Style;
Shadow Cap (special order)
- Post Material; Oak

Balustrade Type;
Glass Panels
Glass Style; Embedded 

Handrail & Bottomrail:
Handrail Profile; Rectangular (90x70mm) (special order)
Handrail Material; Oak

Bottomrail Profile; Rectangular (90x30mm) (special order)
Bottomrail Material; Oak



Customer Feedback

Amazing staircase, very happy with the experience of buying from TKstairs. Delivery was within the agreed timeframe which wasn't that long given the type of staircase. Our fitters had no problem fitting the stairs on site and complimented the quality and design. Thanks! - Tim Pearson

REF: 40824-pearson

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  • Cut string construction; where the sides of the strings are cut away so the treads can be seen, this can either be done in a modern or traditional way.


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  • Pine; all our stairs are manufactured from high quality furniture grade pine, we do not use any whitewood.
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  • Glass; we offer stairs with glass balustrade, either as small panels or large panels, secured with brackets or by embedding with a groove.