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Case Studies - All pine winder staircase which has been stained

REF: 2518-scoble

3D Model;


  • A single 3 kite turn staircase turning to the left
  • To fit a total floor height of 2700mm, 700mm wide 4 treads before the turn
  • 1830mm maximum dimension from joist to wall
  • Stairs to be all pine for staining, no posts of balustrades
  • Does not need to comply to building regulations


This staircase is made from a standard construction, this stair has been stained to change the colour of the pine. Even though no post was wanted, it is still required to have the single post on the kite winders to support the inside of the treads and give them adequate support.

  Its also worth noting that this stair didn’t comply to building regulations because the angle is greater than 42 degrees, a staircase with a individual rise of 207.69mm should have a individual going of 230mm of greater in order to have a pitch of 42 degrees or less.


  • Strings - Pine (230x32mm)
  • Treads - Pine (22mm)
  • Risers - Pine (18mm) 


 Scoble stairplan

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REF: 2518-scoble

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