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Case Studies - White Oak staircase with two quarter landings, stop chamfered posts, spindles and pyramid caps.

REF: 13630-dowsett

3D Model;


This staircase was specified to meet the requirements set out by our customer, it is manufactured entirely from White Oak timber and uses contemporary stop chamfered balustrade components for both the 90mm posts and 41mm spindles, the White Oak pyramid caps also compliment this staircase perfectly.
     Each width on this staircase is different, this is acceptable to building regulations and was done in order that the staircase appeared more grand when you approached it from the bottom, so rather than widths one and three both being 950mm, width one is 1000mm and width three is 900mm so the bottom section is wider when you approach. 
     Also, this staircase has a shallower pitch than is 'normal' a normal staircases pitch/angle is 42 degrees which is the maximum building regulations allow in the UK, however this staircase has a angle/pitch of 38.5 degrees, the effect of this is that the staircase is more pleasant to walk up as it's shallower and also feels more grand. 


    • Strings - White Oak (220x38mm)
    • Treads - White Oak (22mm)
    • Risers - White Oak (18mm)
    • Posts - White Oak, Stop Chamfered (90x90mm)
    • Post Tops - White Oak, Pyramid Caps
    • Spindles -White Oak, Stop Chamfered (41x41mm)
    • Handrail - White Oak, 59x59mm HDR Profile 
    • Bottomrail - White Oak, 59x59mm square profile


staircase plan view

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REF: 13630-dowsett

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