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Case Studies - White Oak six kite winder staircase manufactured using an exposed back construction

REF: 13277-dicks

3D Model;


This staircase is manufactured as an exposed back staircase, this means, instead of using wedges and glue blocks to hold the treads and risers in place, they're held in place between the strings using screws through the sides of the strings, the screw holes are then covered with caps which are blended into the string so they can't be easily seen.

This staircase was made to the customers exact measurments and it manufacutred entirely from white oak.

It's also worth noting that this staircase has 32mm white oak spindles, most people opt for 41mm spindles which are a thicker profile, however some people prefer the look of 32mm spindles, the cost is negligable it's just a personal preference.


  • Strings - White Oak (220x38mm)
  • Treads - White Oak (22mm)
  • Risers - White Oak (18mm)
  • Posts - White Oak, Stop Chamfered (90x90mm)
  • Post Tops - White Oak, Pyramid Caps
  • Spindles - White Oak, Stop Chamfered (32x32mm)
  • Handrail - White Oak, 56x56mm HDR profile, No Groove 
  • Bottomrail - White Oak, 63x28mm trademark profile, nbsp;


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REF: 13277-dicks

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