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Pine Signature Handrail 41mm Groove

Inc. VAT: £10.66
Product code: PHR41
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Available in the following lengths;

4200mm - £29.00 +VAT - (PHR4.241)
3600mm - £21.00 +VAT - (PHR3.641)
2400mm - £14.10 +VAT - (PHR2.441)
1200mm - £8.46 +VAT  - (PHR1.241)

Clive Durose Pine Signature Handrail is a high quality traditional handrail which is both stylish and easy to grip

This handrail is Pine, a light coloured softwood, and one of the most popular timbers in the world, Pine is suitable for painting or staining, however often has knots, if your looking for something with few knots, Hemlock is similar in appearance but less knotty.



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