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Different Types of Staircase

Below are some of the most common ‘styles’ of staircase, however we can manufacture staircases in many other ways too, please contact us with your requirements.

Standard Construction

A standard construction staircase has a closed stringer and closed riser. It is constructed using wedges and glue blocks, this is the most cost effective way to manufacture a staircase, however, because of this the underside will need covering (usually with plasterboard)

Open Riser Construction

Open riser staircases are a popular choice as they allow light to come through. They can be manufactured in various styles however the most popular are;

  • Fully open riser - No riser present at all
  • Mini open riser - A small riser is left in place (as pictured)

The reason for having a ‘mini riser’ is that if the stairs are fully open then they do not comply to current building regulations.

Mini riser stairs are held together using screws which go through the stringers and into the sides of the treads, eliminating the need for wedges and glue blocks, this means the staircase looks good from all angles.

Cut String Construction

Cut stringer staircases are manufactured by cutting the stringers so that the treads sit on top of the string, and then the spindles sit on top of the tread.

They are also available with out without decorative brackets.

Like a standard staircase these stairs normally need to be plastered on the underside as glue blocks are used in the construction.

Open Back Construction

An open back stair is manufactured like a open riser stair, where by the treads and risers are held in place by screwing through the strings into the sides of the treads & risers, the screw holes are then hidden with small pieces of oak. This means that the back of the staircase does not need to be hidden.

Space Saver Stairs

Also known as paddle stairs or loft stairs

They are constructed by using treads as shown in the picture to the left, this means that the stairs can be much steeper than normal.

The advantage of this is that they take up less space and do in fact comply to current building regulations so are useful in scenarios where space is limit.


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