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Common Staircase Materials

Stairs can be made from one timber or a combination of many. Below is a list of the timbers most commonly used to manufacture stairs from. It's also worth noting MDF and Plywood are frequently used for the treads and risers to keep costs down when the stairs are to be carpeted.

For examples please see the case studies section of our website.



Pine is the most common timber used to manufacture staircases, we use joinery grade Scandinavian redwood.
It is popular due to being the most inexpensive material suitable for staircase manufacture, it is also easy to work with, ideal for painting, however it can also be stained, varnished or waxed.


Similar in appearance to Pine and still a softwood, however Hemlock has few knots, making it more suitable if the timber is to be on show, it is also frequuently used on staircase that are to be painted to give a better finish.

American White Oak

Oak is a hardwood, has few knots and gives a premium finish, ideal for waxing or varnishing. 


Sapele is a dark hardwood with a red tint to it, similar in appearance to Mahogony, it is generally used where a darker coloured timber is required.

American Walnut

American Walnut is a popular timber which is dark in appearance, it can be used for manufacturing stairs but not generally straight flights as longer lengths are hard to acquire.


Tulip is a hardwood, light in colour with few knots. 





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