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Spindle Spacing

Spindle/baluster spacing is something we get asked about a lot and causes a lot of confusion due to the complexity of the calculation.
It’s imperative to get this correct as spindles spaced incorrectly can look aesthetically wrong or even worse not comply to current building regulations.

Use Our Calculator:

You will need to provide the diagonal length between posts as well as the spindle width and out calculator below will work out all the dimensions you need.

All Dimensions in mm

Calculations will be shown once you enter your parameters and press calculate.


Square Or Chamfered Spindles

1) Spindles Required -
2) Horizontal Spacing -
3) Infill Length -

Turned Spindles

1) Spindles Required -
2) Horizontal Spacing -
3) Infill Length -

What do building regulations say?

Building regulations state:
“Ensure that a 100mm sphere cannot pass through any openings in the guarding.”

This means that if you have a ball with a 100mm diameter it must not be able to fit between the spindles when measured horizontally, as shown in the diagram.

Turned spindles are a smaller width on the turned section and as such, the spindles need to be slightly closer together to the 100mm requirement, meaning you typically need to use a few more on a staircase.

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