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What are the benefits of a primed staircase?

Posted: 20th June 2023 in Advice

Using primed products is an excellent option for anybody looking for a painted staircase to help get that clean finish and save time.

If you hire somebody to decorate your staircase, the difference in cost to purchase primed components rather than bare timber far outweighs the labour costs making these a great choice. TK Stairs offer a range of primed products such as Handrails, Baserails, Spindles, Posts and Caps for anybody looking to renovate their staircase and primed string options for anybody looking to buy a new staircase.

How do using primed products help me?

Installing or renovating a staircase is often a big job for anybody because it is usually the only way for you to get from one floor to the next; for this reason, you want it finished sooner rather than later. Painting a staircase can be quite a time-consuming process; however, using primed components reduces the time to complete the job significantly due to the reduction in time needed for painting. So using a primed finish as a starting point helps save you hours of applying knot-stopping solutions and the layers of base coat required to give a good quality start for the final finish paint on the staircase. This option reduces the time needed to finish your staircase and allows you to get your house back to normal so you can enjoy your new staircase rather than a building site!

What is a primed finish like?

One of the significant advantages of using primed components is the smooth finish of the product compared to the bare timber components we generally paint. Hardwood options like oak offer a relatively knot-free finish with a nice grain however are rather expensive in comparison and are usually not used when looking for a painted staircase for this reason. Pine is one of those timbers often used when painting a staircase as it is a low price point. But it is often very knotty due to the nature of the timber, which adds time to the painting process if you are looking for a good quality finish; by choosing a primed product, knots are pre-treated and covered. Priming also uses a spray finish rather than a brushed finish, giving an incredibly smooth, even surface you can’t achieve with a brush.

Painted staircase ideas

Our primed components come in a white finish. However, this doesn’t mean you have to paint them white. The idea is to remove all the preparation work so you can focus on finishing them to the style you are looking for. The beauty of a painted finish allows you to become creative with your staircase, making it a focal point of space, and an eye-catching finish can help with this. Painted staircases are timeless, and whilst different timbers have come in and out of fashion, painted staircases have long been used to complete a space; they can be painted in a neutral colour to let the rest of the room stand out or in a stand out colour or monochrome like this example which shows a black painted staircase, standing out as a focal point within the space. You can see more painted staircases in our previous work here.

Do painted Stairs hold up?

Staircases that have been stained or oiled may be more durable than a painted staircase which can be susceptible to chips and wear as ultimately it is a coloured layer on top of a timber which will contrast and show up more if this happens. However, if a painted staircase is a style you want, then, unfortunately, you have to live with those characteristics. Please do not be put off by this; a well-prepared painted staircase with good-quality paint can stand up well, and preparation is vital to helping to give a long-lasting finish. Primed products are an excellent idea for anybody looking to have a painted finish, as it provides a perfectly smooth and even base preparation for the finishing coat of paint to adhere to. All in all, a well-painted staircase can last for years.

Are painted staircase treads slippery?

Suppose you have wet feet or wear socks when using your staircase. In that case, painted treads, as with bare timber treads, can be relatively slippery due to the smoothness of the finish (which is also ironically one of the benefits of using other primed components such as spindles). However, don’t let this put you off; there are ways to paint your treads and stop your treads being quite so slippery.

  • Try a carpet runner
  • Add grooves in the treads to help with traction
  • Introduce anti-slip mats
  • Alternatively, if you are concerned by this, then add a carpet

What stair components are on offer?

Here at TK Stairs, we offer a variety of different primed staircase components perfect to use for your painted staircase ideas. These can be purchased individually through our stair components shop (on the links below) for any of your renovation needs or can be specified on our staircase builder when designing a staircase yourself. These include:

Primed handrails and baserails

Primed Spindles

Primed Posts and Caps

Can we mix and match?

Just because you opt for primed spindles doesn’t mean you must use primed handrails and bottom rails too. Mixing with oak components provides a contrast which works especially within the home environment—complimenting the ever-popular style of Oak doors with painted architrave, giving a cohesive style throughout the home.

The example in this image is from our case study (link to case study) and shows how effective the contrast between a painted staircase and oak handrails and caps can be. Try using our online staircase designer to see how much your staircase would cost today! Alternatively, do not hesitate to get in touch with our office on 01482426388 to discuss anything with a team member to get a quote for your painted staircase.

Order primed staircases online with our staircase designer

How cheap are primed parts in comparison to an oak staircase?

Let's be honest, an oak staircase is lovely; it's sturdy, hard-wearing and looks great. However, it is expensive in comparison to something like pine or a primed option, so not everybody will be able to budget for this. We have a great post here explaining the difference in pricing for oak components compared to pine (similar to primed options). The reality is that primed parts are considerably cheaper than oak. However, the difference in price between specific components is much closer than others. For example, an oak string has a much higher difference in price percentage wise than an oak handrail meaning that it is much easier to justify adding an oak handrail to your staircase rather than oak strings; something to consider.

In summary, we love the versatility of a painted staircase with the different looks and styles you can achieve and recommend using primed products; for us, it seems a no-brainer with the time saved. However, we love an oak staircase and would highly recommend looking at that as an option if you have the budget to stretch to one; oak is considerably more expensive than primed options, so think about mixing and matching the components to get the best of both worlds!


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