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Pine Trademark Baserail

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Product code: BRP
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Popular pine base rail, perfectly suited to traditional, square, or chamfered spindles.

It can be used for all applications such as:

  • 41x41mm or 32x32mm Spindles
  • Attaching glass brackets (no groove)
  • Embedding 10mm glass into (11mm groove)

Options are as follows:

Please select your option from the dropdown box above.

Suitable for 41mm Spindles;

Length Groove Size Product Code
2400mm 41x8mm BR2400/41PS
3600mm 41x8mm BR3600/41PS
4200mm 41x8mm BR4200/41PS

Suitable for 32mm Spindles;

Length Groove Size Product Code
2400mm 32x8mm BR2400/32PS
3600mm 32x8mm BR3600/32PS
4200mm 32x8mm BR4200/32PS

Suitable for glass brackets or wall mounting;

Length Groove Size Product Code
2100mm No Groove BR2100P
4200mm No Groove BR4200P

Suitable for 10mm Glass;

Length Groove Size Product Code
2100mm 11x30mm BR4200/11P
4200mm 11x30mm BR4200/11P

Please note; any grooved options come with infill/fillet to fill the gaps between the spindles or glass panels.

Please note; there's a small difference in the bottomrail profiles;

  • 41mm or 32mm spindles bottomrail has small lip on the side
  • No Groove or grooved for glass bottomrail has a straight angled side, 

See product pictures for more detail.