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Launch of New Balustrade Tool

Posted: 28th February 2020 in News

We’ve launched our own balustrade tool which lets you design and configure multiple glass and spindle options for existing staircases and runs of balustrade.

If you know the angle (which can be measured using an angle finder) or your stairs and the length of the handrail you can use our simple tool to specify, price and order a number of balustrade options.

You can choose from multiple options for both spindles, glass panels, handrail and bottomrail, as well as change the configuration including the height, length, panel spacing and glass brackets.

This tool is ideal for anyone who wants to refurbish an existing staircase or requires additional lengths of balustrade as it lets you calculate the amounts of spindles as well as dimensions or any spindles or glass panels, however is particularly well suited to someone who wishes to upgrade their staircase to glass balustrade.

We’ll be adding more functionality to this tool over the following months.

Check it out here by clicking here.


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